Status of Certificate Holders
Classification Sector Registration Date Certification Agency
Notice of Engineering Works 7 sectors including construction
11 sectors including General industrial machine
1993.06.24 KENCA
Construction Technology Services Design and Business management 2015.02.23 Daejeon
Construction Supervision Total supervision (Power facility) 2016.06.03 Daejeon
Fire-fighting Facility Business General Fire-fighting facility design service (electrical and mechanical) 2010.07.05 Ministry of Public Safety and Security
Special Fire-fighting facility work business 2014.04.10
Energy Saving Specialty Service Type 1 and 2 (factory production facility and building sector) 1998.11.26 KEMCO
General Construction Business Engineering and Construction/bulding work business 1998.11.10 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Industrial Environment facility work business 1998.07.13
Specialty Construction Business Gas Facility work business (Type 1) 1995.09.07 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Heating Facility work business (Type 1) 2005.11.15
Earth work Business 2009.04.17
Mechanical facility work business 2015.12.15
Electrical Construction Business Electrical Construction Business 1993.08.17 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Information & Communication Works Business Information & Communication Works Business 2003.05.06 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Overseas Construction 4 types not including electric works 2000.03.28 International Constructors Association of Korea
Design Preparation of design for relevant electric facility 2010.12.21 Daejeon
Specialty Design Work on Electric Facility (Type 1)
Manufacturing Business Specific facility manufacturing Business 2011.02.10 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

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