KOGAS-Tech has the first-class hot tapping technology and experience in implementing various types of projects and KOGAS-Tech is extending diverse business in the domestic and foreign market.

What is hot tapping business?

Hot tapping business is a challenging and specialized technique business to perform pipe separation/shifting, valve replacement, etc. without stopping system operation and supply of a fluid such as gas, oil and steam by using plugging technique that blocks part of the pipe with Plugging Head equipped with sealing element and Hot Tapping technique for boring a hole in pipe or storing container in use after installing special sandwich valve and fitting.

  1. 1Fitting and Sandwich Valve installation on the pipe in use
  2. 2Tapping Machine installation and boring a hole after opening Sandwich Valve
  3. 3Plugging Machine installation and By-pass pipe connection
  4. 4Blocking after opening the Sandwich Valve
  5. 5Pipe shifting or replacement work after opening the By-pass pipe
  6. 6Finishing work(L.O.R Fitting)
Excavation → Retaining wall construction with H beam and wood → pipe coating removal → Special Fitting and Equalizing Fitting installation → Welding → Sandwich Valve installation → Hot Tapping M/C and Equalizing pipe installation → Gas inflow(Equalizing) into Hot Tapping M/C → Sandwich-Valve "Open" → Hot Tapping operations(Bore a hole in the pipe) → Hot Tapping M/C separation → Chip removal equipment installation → Pressure equalization → Sandwich-Valve "Open" → Chip removal operations → Chip removal equipment separation → Plugging M/C installation → By-Pass pipe connection after installing Plugging M/C → Pressure equalization in Plugging M/C → Sandwich-Valve "Open" → Gas block in existing pipe using Plugging M / C → Blocked gas emission in existing pipe → Pipe cutting → New pipe line Tie-In or equipment replacement → New pipe line Purge and step-by-step pressurization → Plugging Head removal and line normalization → By-Pass Pipe, Plugging M / C separation → Hot Tapping M/C installation on the Sandwich-valve → Pressure equalization → Sandwich-Valve "Open" → Special Plug placement → Hot tapping M / C separation, Sandwich-Valve separation → Upper special plug welding after installation → Non-destructive test (P.T) on the welding part → Blind Flange installation → Anticorrosion treatment → Backfilling.

Application Range

Application Range
Item Range
System pressure - Boring : 10Mpa(Max.)
- Blocking : 7Mpa(Max.)
Pipe standard - Boring : 1/2 ~ 64inch(50 ~ 1600A)
- Blocking : 1/2 ~ 36inch(50 ~ 900A)
Pipe material all material

Application Field

Application Field
Item Range
High-pressure gas - Natural gas main and branch line
City gas - City gas main and branch pipe line
- A new establishment of storage tank incoming and outgoing pipe line
Water supply - A wide area, general water supply and industrial water pipe line
- A new establishment of storage tank incoming and outgoing pipe line
District heating - District heating pipe line
- A new establishment of storage tank incoming and outgoing pipe line
Crude oil transportation -Various crude oil supply pipe line
- A new establishment of storage tank incoming and outgoing pipe line
etc - Similar plant pipe line to those above
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