Pipeline Network Inspection / Excavation Management

Pipeline Network Inspection

Supply piping of 4,931km for natural gas supply from the production base to the customers nationwide is divided into 71 sections, which are checked daily for any problems in the piping and the facilities. When problems detected, immediate and efficient measures are taken to maintain safety and to prevent accidents.

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Main tasks

  • 1 Open year round inspection of 2 sessions per day
  • 2 Checking problems around the piping
  • 3 Checking for gas leak
  • 4 Checking the cover safety on the buried piping
  • 5 Checking and maintenance on facilities attached to the piping
  • 6 Checking and maintenance for anti-corrosion facility for buried piping
  • 7 Special inspection on the weather forecast and the change of seasons
  • 8 Preventing spread of the situation and immediate recovery when emergency

Excavation Management

To protect supply piping and secure safety from various constructions performed around the natural gas supply piping, excavation staff is responsible for technical guidance to reflect safety management policy from the beginning/developing stage of the construction. For large scale construction such as subway construction, a team is dedicated to the construction for special management to realize stable natural gas supply.

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  • Excavation Management  photo 2

Main tasks

  • 1 Gas piping status investigation
  • 2 Safety management on reported or not reported excavation
  • 3 Technical guidance and inspection on the construction site
  • 4 Education and promotion on piping safety management standard

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