(Environment, Health, Safety & Quality Management System)

Environment / Health / Safety / Quality Management System (EHSQMS)

Korea Gas Technology Corporation put 'Safety' first, targeting to have zero accident rate every year. based on the international standards such as ISO 9001/14001, ISO 45001, etc. We established EHSQ management system(EHSQMS) and operate it scientifically and systematically.

EHSQMS Operation System

For the purpose of establishing integrated management system for EHSQ and implementing it systematically, we have operated standard documnets(Manual, Procedure, Instruction) and gas facility maintenance standard procedures.

Thorough LNG Facility Safety Management

We patrol/inspect gas pipeline in South Korea everyday to prevent any damage on pipe due to excavation near pipeline.

With periodic(monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually) and non-scheduled inspections on gas facilities of production terminals and supply stations, we provide the best service to prevent accident at facility and interruption of gas supply.

Consistent Enhancement Activities on Quality

Small team are organized, to find any issues related work and solutions. These them improve the productivity of the work and team building. As a result of enhancement on Quality, we are jumping to the level of company highly competitive in quality.

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