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Natural Gas Production & Supply Facility Maintenance

At each project site, Quality circles have a meeting at least once a week. When the team find an issue at the site, they propose solving plans to problem, and implement those plans to improve maintenance productivity. A maintenance quality inprovement conference is held every year to share excellent ideas and activities. We also encourage our employees to participate in other competitions outside the company. Since 2006, we have awarded 41 Presidential awards in Korea National Quality Management Convention.

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Safety Inspection Activities

  • The 4th day of every month is designated as Safety Inspection Day and safety inspection is carried out at the corporate level.
  • Depending on the weather condition of each season, special safety inspection period is set. During these periods, special inspections and trainings are conducted particularly on facilities vulnerable to disaster.
  • National holidays(Seolnal, Chuseok) are designated as Special Safety Management Period. during these periods, patrol is enforced and safety inspection is implemented on major facilities.
  • Non-scheduled safety inspection is carried out by supervisor on maintenance sites and major construction sites.
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Establishing Disaster Response System

In order to minimize the damage and to save lives and properties in case of disaster including gas accident, disaster management procedure was legislated and put to use swiftly and systematically. Step-by-step, phases are divided into Concern(Blue), Caution(Yellow), Warning(Orange), and Serious(Red). Accordingly, Disaster Response Team is set up and consist of 4 teams: Control Team, Response and Restoration Team, Administrative Support Team and Public Relation Team.


Concern(Blue) Phase

  • In case of weather forecast of typhoon, heavy rain or snowfall, etc.
  • When there is a major national event(World cup, Olympic, National Election, etc)
  • When there is concern for damage to gas facilities due to the earthquake.

Caution(Yellow) Phase

  • If there is a weather warning report such as typhoon warning, heavy snow or rain warning
  • In case of a fire or explosion near gas supply facilities
  • In case where there is a leakage of small quantity of environmentally hazardous material
  • In case of minor damage to gas facilities due the earthquake

Warning(Orange) Phase

  • When there is a warning about typhoon, tsunami, or flood, if pipeline is exposed due to natural disaster, or if there is a warning of possibble bombing terror
  • When gas supply to customer is interruped due to a large amount of gas leak
  • In case of a leakage of a large amount of environmentally hazardous material

Serious(Red) Phase

  • If there is a big fire or explosion due to a leak of LNG or NG
  • When gas supply is interrupted or evacuation of person is reguired due to a large amount of gas leakage or the damage to facilities

Training for Accident Prevention and Prevention Measures

We carry out regular disaster response training, to be ready for emergency situation in headquarter and all the branches.

  • Training with virtual Accident : Once / each quarter[Carry out a Joint training with relevant institution(Korea Gas Corporation, local Fire Department, etc.)]

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